Updated CLI Reports

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by: Richard Willis, CLI Reports Manager

Mar-Tech, a division of ControlCam, recently conducted a series of webinars attended by more than 200 people from the cable industry. These webinars were intended to provide engineering personnel an overview of the CLI process and to solicit feedback from the cable industry on what Mar-Tech can do to improve its services. One of the suggestions coming out of the webinar was for improvements to our maps used in the CLI reports.

After reviewing options to improve our reports, we decided that system upgrades were necessary. As a result, we recently purchased the newest version of AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Map 3D 2015. This version of AutoCAD is greatly improved. In recent years, Autodesk has made moves towards geolocation and the ability to use live maps and with AutoCAD Map 2014 and 2015 giant steps were made in that direction. Using this new version of AutoCAD, the maps provided in the CLI reports will offer a more detailed look at leak locations.

Using this new system is requiring us to reprogram much of the software used to produce the CLI reports. It is our hope that this reprogramming can be completed over the next few months and at that time we will introduce the improved reporting to our customers throughout the United States.

Early next year Mar-Tech will be able to use these and other available live maps in our CLI reports to give a much improved option for finding and repairing cable leaks. We also plan on integrating ControlCam’s aerial imaging with the CLI reports early in 2015. When this work is completed, we believe the reports will be the best available in the industry.

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