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ControlCam’s easy-to-use mobile app is targeted to field personnel.

The mobile application was designed to enhance communication between management and personnel in the field using ControlCam aerial imagery. The desktop software allows management or office personnel to create work orders to be completed by field personnel. These work orders are created from custom forms that can be edited to meet each client’s needs. Each work order can be linked with a ControlCam aerial image to be reviewed through the mobile application in the field.

In the field, personnel can access their assigned work orders by logging into  the  mobile application  on their device. From here, they will be able to access all their assigned work orders to be completed, view aerial images associated with each work order and add ground level imagery taken from their mobile device. When each work order is completed it is submitted back to management and office personnel and can be accessed through the desktop software. The ability to instantly relay information from the office and field, at the same time utilizing aerial imagery, allows users to enhance results through more effective communication.