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Plan, View and Manage Images within ControlCam’s Control Central Platform

ControlCam is in the business of building and refining an integrated platform for capturing, storing and retrieving vast quantities of images and data. Our experience with large, scalable systems makes our products simple to use and flawless in execution every day. Our investment in infrastructure and development lets our customers access their information anytime from anywhere in the world, What’s more, our experience with cloud-based technology means lower costs, greater reliability and complete data security.

Why is a platform important when you are looking for aerial imagery? In simple terms the answer is threefold; speed, scale and lower costs.

ControlCam’s Control Central is a customizable platform designed to facilitate flight planning, quality review, and image database management. All of ControlCam’s aerial images can be viewed and managed via Control Central or from existing ESRI software. Clients can access the platform via web, downloadable application or API. Inside the platform, clients are offered a variety of features that allow them to fully utilize ControlCam’s imagery for their needs.

A selection of map services, serving both vector and image data, provide context while viewing images and flight plans. While viewing aerial imagery, clients can search for specific locations by entering addresses or longitude and latitude coordinates. Searches will retrieve aerial images (orthogonal and oblique) showing every angle of the location requested. From the image viewer users can zoom in and move around images. Users can also access measurement tools and the mobile application from within Control Central.

ControlCam innovates for another important reason. We are using technology to drive down the cost of our services. This means that more companies can take advantage of what we have to offer. And our current customers can save money to become even more profitable. It’s a virtuous cycle and we’re proud to be part of it.