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ControlCam high resolution aerial imagery yields limitless opportunities for companies to make better business decisions.

Using a state of the art camera system, ControlCam captures quality orthogonal and oblique georeferenced imagery. ControlCam utilizes the latest technology to ensure accurate views of properties, land, infrastructures, and other assets. Images are processed through an Applanix 410 IMU to produce high resolution images and spatial data. ControlCam uses ESRI ArcGIS for Server to serve orthorectified images to ESRI and WMS clients.


  Ortho Imagery

ControlCam’s high resolution ortho or nadir (straight-down) imagery presents up-to-date and precise data, allowing for numerous uses. Our ortho images can be stitched together to create seamless mosaics which are viewed and managed within our
Control Central platform. Ortho and Oblique images are available in resolutions ranging from 2 to 12 inches.

View different image resolutions


  Oblique Imagery

Although not as common as ortho images, obliques offer an invaluable service. Oblique images offer a view from every angle. These images can be used to perform precise measurements on assets like properties and infrastructures. ControlCam captures oblique images using four cameras placed at different angles. These images are captured at the same time the ortho images are captured thus allowing us to provide both types of imagery at a low cost. Within ControlCam’s Control Central platform users can store and view obliques images, as well as utilize measurement tools.

View sample oblique image