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by: Lauren Kane, VP of Marketing & Customer Engagement was created not only to market our products but to better meet the needs of our clients and address any questions our existing or potential customers may have. Our website offers a unique view of our products and services, a look at upcoming events and webinar sessions, educational information on aerial imagery and cumulative leakage index services, and a chance for you to to provide feedback.

At our homepage, you can find a quick video to guide you through who we are and what we offer. On this page, you can navigate through some of our products and services; aerial imagery, ControlCam mobile application and our unique image viewing software Control Central. You can also familiarize yourself with the broad range of industries that we serve. In case you were curious about events that we attend or how you can get in touch with our team, there are specific tabs on the homepage that allow you to do just that.

ControlCam’s product page will provide you with additional information on our various products and services, including our aerial imagery, viewing software and mobile application. The page contains a slideshow of our aerial imagery, templates of our mobile app as well as snapshots of our Control Central Viewer. You can learn more about each specific product by clicking on “learn more” to gain a better understanding of our products

Interested in learning more about mobile solutions for your county government or streamlining your cable field operations? Visit our events page to sign up for upcoming free webinars, request new webinar topics, or view past webinars. ControlCam’s events page also highlights upcoming conferences and seminars that the company will be attending. We invite you to join us at these events to learn more about our company services.

So you’re interested in purchasing aerial imagery but not sure what resolution you need? Visit ControlCam’s About page to view the wide scope of resolutions available and gain a better understanding of the aspects of each range. This page allows you to navigate to our blog, newsletter and press releases page which will keep you up to date on ControlCam and industry news, new products and services and sometimes just a funny story to lighten your day.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the industry from within the company, visit our Job Openings page to see career opportunities currently available.

If you are one of our valued cable customers, you can find almost everything you need at our RFTesting page. This page provides information on CLI testing and FCC reporting requirements, upcoming free webinars as well as training events and information on new services such as digital testing. You can also login into your account to view and download reports. Don’t forget that if you have trouble accessing your account you can select “Forgot your password?” or email Our mission is to allow for a smooth experience for our customers on our website.

Didn’t find what you are searching for or need more information? Fill in your information on our Get in Touch page and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that throughout the entire website you can view high resolution aerial imagery or request a customized demo! ControlCam prides itself in delivering exceptional customer service; our website is a demonstration of that promise. We work towards providing our customers with a platform where they can search for answers to their questions and find the help they need.