Interview with Paige Parker, VP of Sales

By: Nissrine Hajbane, Marketing & Customer Engagement Specialist

Paige Parker is ControlCam’s VP of Sales. I was able to sit down with this young professional and discuss her ambition and passion for sales. The interview brought to light a number of informative details about her background as well as her objectives. Throughout the article, any individual pursuing a career in sales is able to gain insight to how one can perfect their craft to become a better sales person. Paige also shares her plans to grow the sales department at ControlCam to be able to reach every region in the United States and meet their aerial imagery needs.

Why did you choose sales? How did you realize that this is the career choice for you?

My father was a salesman and small business owner. Growing up, he instilled within me key values that are needed to be a successful business professional. In college, I had a passion to learn about meteorology, geography, and earth science which led me to major in GIS with a minor in CIS. While I was a student, I also worked about 30-40 hours per week at a department store as a sales associate. During my college years, I built a repertoire of technical skills and even sales techniques, but it was not until I started working for Lewis Graham at GeoCue Corporation that I truly learned about sales in the GIS industry. From there, I grew a passion for a career in sales, and was fortunate enough to do sales on an international platform. At ControlCam I have been able to utilize all of the skills I have acquired over the years, and use them on a level which truly has kept my passion for sales in GIS kindled.

What makes you passionate about selling?

I have always enjoyed creating and building relationships with people. I believe that is what life is all about. In my opinion, GIS technology is a vital part of many of today’s industries. I view sales in the GIS industry as an opportunity to truly help organizations better their everyday workflows. I do not see myself as “selling” to someone, but rather “helping” someone. In essence, I believe in helping people which is the fire that lights my passion for selling in the industry.

What kind of sacrifices have you had to make to be successful?

I had to move 10 hours from my home, when I took my current job as Vice President of Sales at ControlCam. During the transition, I slept on a floor without furniture my first week of work. A snow storm had delayed the moving company that had all of my things. Needless to say, it has been hard leaving home, but it has been worth it.

How does a salesperson perfect their craft?

I believe talent can only go so far. I think it requires “tenacity” of constantly trying new things such as adding on to your pitch, rehearsing and practicing your presentations. I have never been able to “wing” anything, and have it turn out well. I believe it takes hard work to perfect your craft by constantly practicing, learning, and never becoming comfortable.

What is the latest sales book/article you read and what elements did you put into practice?

I just finished a leadership book written by John C. Maxwell called “Everyone Communicates, but Few Connect”. What was nice about this book is that it includes feedback from his fans about connecting with your audience. He emphasizes making your connection about your customer not your company. I thoroughly enjoyed his selfless view points on what it takes to truly connect with people while on the job, whether with colleagues or customers.

Can you give any insight to anyone who is considering a career in sales?

If that someone loves to meet people, build relationships, be a servant to others, and travel, then sales is probably the career choice for you.

Lastly, what are you goals to grow ControlCam’s sales department?

I have developed a sales plan that will allow for organic growth within the company. The set-up will allow the sales staff to truly penetrate each region in the US and meet every market segment needed. It also allows room for growth among our staff members as well.