Changing a Culture to Promote Customer Engagement

By: Lauren Kane, VP of Marketing & Customer Engagement

As many of you may already know, Mar-Tech a division of ControlCam, has been around for over twenty years. Over those twenty years, the company has established itself as a leader in cable leak detection. In the past five years, the company, along with Northeast Aircraft Maintenance, became ControlCam, adding aerial imaging and GIS services.

Mar-Tech has always worked with its customers to ensure they receive a quality product, but it wasn’t until recently that the company began to realize the importance of customer engagement. It’s not that the company shunned customer service, rather it was focused on how customers acted in the past and what had always seemed to make them happy. The new company-wide customer engagement initiative was started to examine what customers might need in the future and how ControlCam and its divisions can build a mutually beneficial relationship with its clients both now and years to come.

Most companies offer customer services; a dedicated person or department to answer questions. What many companies miss is engaging with the customer. If you asked me what I consider good customer service, there’s a chance it may be completely different than what my colleagues consider good customer service. That’s because every customer has different needs. Implementing customer engagement means listening to the request of every single customer and understanding that no two will be the same.

In all honestly, that can become challenging. If you have several hundreds, or thousands of customers, you have to ensure you are thoughtfully listening to every single one. In our company we have found that, just like anything else, change can be challenging. Transitioning your employees to move beyond traditional customer service and learning to embrace customer engagement can be difficult.

Our efforts to enhance our engagement and move beyond simply answering a customer’s call has taken time and creativity. Over time, our employees have come to understand that the needs of each customer are unique. The first step was listening, truly listening, to what our customers were telling us. Our customers seemed to be ready for change, yet we hadn’t changed in almost twenty years!

So, we worked to improve and update aspects of our business, like our website and social media. Our online presence became a new way to gauge what our clients needed and to actively provide them with new information. As time went on, we continued to survey our customers via telephone and online. We actively communicated with our customers and found that there was so much more we could offer them. We have started creating unique interactions with each customer, such as customizing the way and when we deliver their flyover schedules. Our free educational webinars have also allowed us to, not only provide a unique and engaging service to our customers, but to also better understand what our customers are looking for in the future. We’ve also made plans to improve our CLI reports and update our fleet of aircraft.

By no means do we think that we’ve successfully accomplished our customer engagement initiative. If we did, we would end up right where we started, offering average customer service and not understanding what will benefit our customer in the future. We see customer engagement as an ongoing improvement methodology. Just like the needs and goals of our customers will change, so will our engagement with our customers. ControlCam will strive to make sure all of our customers continue to want to stay with us, not because there is no other option, but because we are the best option. We have a strong investment in our customers and we want them to feel that same connection with us; we want them to be invested in our brand.